More and more shoppers need to shop for their next car in a contact-free setting. While our showroom remains closed, shoppers can experience a Lexus right from their home. Contact us, and we will arrange a virtual test drive. With this system, you can take an interactive look at your next car from your computer. Look at the best features of the car you want then move forward with financing. We even arrange for at-home delivery with your paperwork. We encourage you to stay safe and shop online at Lexus of Lakeway. Shop for a new Kia and maintain minimal contact!

From Our Showroom to Your Living Room

The test drive is one of the most important steps towards vehicle ownership. Without the test drive, you might encounter unforeseen surprises with the car later. A test drive also helps you to get a feel for the car's features. At Lexus of Lakeway, we offer a virtual test drive for you to consider. You can experience al the best features of the Lexus you want right from your couch. Get the same experience of testing the vehicle's technology, without actually driving the car. A virtual test drives our way of showing you everything we have to offer. Once you finish, you can also complete your deal online.

After completing a deal online, you may arrange delivery to your home or office. We will run the car out to you clean and sanitized for safety. We can also pick up your trade and give you the paperwork to sign. This process gives you the car you want in a safe and contact-free setting.

Schedule a Test Drive Today

We invite shoppers to visit our online showroom at Lexus of Lakeway. Take advantage of our at-home delivery and virtual test drives. Shop online and start your deal in Lakeway, TX. We look forward to working with you!